This is a Redirect – As of today this Blog will no longer be used

As of today, March 26th 2013, I will no longer be using this wordpress blog. You will still be able to access for the next year though.

My new Blog will be up and running sometime mid-to-late April at

Thanks for your patience!






Earlier this year, I shot an editorial series entitled Pseudonyms: The Allure of Anonymity for KENTON Magazine. The series, which was styled by KENTON’s multi-talented Editor-in-Chief, Alexander Liang, was a fantastic experience, and I’m stoked to show you all the set.

Special thanks to all who helped out; Sandra Chung, Jillian Van Allen, Jacky Le, Brittney Billette, and of course our extremely talented model, Kendall S. from Richards Models. (Sorry if I missed anyone)


To view more from this series, head over to my Portfolio site.

Instagram Profile

I’m not sure how many of you use instagram (although it’s probably everyone with an iPhone) but I’ve been pretty addicted to it for the past year. I’ve also just found out that now you can view instagram profile pages away from iOS and Android devices, and they look pretty rad! If you have a chance, check mine out, and if you’re also an insta addict, follow me here!

Mojave Desert, Keys Lost…

Yesterday, in 42℃ desert heat we managed to pull off an amazing video shoot. Through this past week so many events, every single day, have come up that could have derailed this project in a matter of minutes, and through an insane amount of dedication and some luck, we pulled it off.

BUT… we have lost the keys to the camera van, and as I write this in some rundown motel on East Hollywood Blvd., it is sitting on the lot of the location, in the middle of the desert waiting for a tow truck.

Honestly though, the only thing that matters is that we pulled off this video. With that behind us, this entire experience, regardless of the stress and chaos, has been completely worth it.

And also, if we had never lost the keys, then we would haven’t of had the experience of watching a massive desert rain storm while drinking tall cans of Modelo.

“I Loved the way she said L.A.”

Greetings from Los Angeles!

I’m in California for the next 10 days producing a music video for a local music group with Assembly Productions. Since April of this year I have been co-running Assembly Productions, a Vancouver based Production House, with Aaron Veale, hence the reasons for my lack of postings for the past few months.

I haven’t been to Los Angeles since 2008, while I was on a cross country trip before completing my post-grad program. Today, as just over four years ago, I’m staying in the Hotel Cecil, in the heart of Downtown. Today, as four years ago, it is still most people’s last choice, an area they rarely consider even entering if they’re visiting the sprawling city. Personally though, I couldn’t imagine staying in any other area while here.

The change throughout the area, in the span of four years, was astonishing. While there in 2008, most of the area was a virtual ghost town, most shops closed before sundown and the sound of sirens and police helicopters were omnipresent. There was this strange poetry throughout the streets.

There were also many signs of the forthcoming gentrification, which today is so much more evident. Today the streets are much more clean, the old theatres and warehouses have been converted into million dollar lofts; and cafés, vintage shops, galleries and furniture shops have become instalments of the ever changing landscapes the same way the trees ripping through the pavements and asphalt of the street were during my last visit.

This is by far still my favourite area of Los Angeles, and the change here is as inevitable as it is in DTES Vancouver, Brooklyn, or the east end of London. I don’t necessarily resent it, but I also can’t deny that the downtown Los Angeles, with its hollow yet lyrical streets, is becoming but an anachronistic memory.